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Our Approach

Arizona's Leader in Stem Cell Therapy.

We are the ONLY clinic in Arizona - and to our knowledge the country, able to combine Stem Cell Therapy with Hyperbarics Treatment in-house. Allowing us to capitalize on the synergies of combined learning and new 'best practices'; as well as continuous learning and patient feedback loop.  

Based on the absolute best scientific research available; the use of Hyperbarics as an adjunct treatment to Stem Cells is proving to raise the bar and reset the standard!


"Our patients are healing faster, with better results then we've ever seen before".  

Brian Houston H.B.T. 

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"My purpose and mission is provide an alternative to invasive surgeries, long and painful recoveries, and never ending prescriptions."

                           - Cyndee Garner D.N.P.

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Tuesday thru Thursday 3-7PM
Friday thru Sunday noon-5PM
Closed Mondays and Holidays


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5600 N 7th St Suite 130, Phoenix, AZ 85014, USA

(602) 892-4748

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